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The following messages were preached to a group of pastors and leaders from the Balkan nations at a School of the Word in Graz, Austria.

Session 1 - Christ, The Lamb Of God: Clothed In Humility

Jesus lived His entire life totally dependent on the Father, always searching to know His Father’s will. He lived His life as a Lamb, a Lamb that walked in humility and kindness, and a Lamb that walked in complete victory. In this message, Pastor Don Leavell is calling us to see that without these attributes, humility and kindness, we are people with the right words but presenting the wrong picture. We can bring change to the world only as these attributes are demonstrated through us. 

Session 2 - The Power Of The Lamb Of God

In this message, Pastor Don Leavell is speaking to us about the power of the Lamb of God. This power of the Lamb of God is not seen in what we Westerners think it is seen in. God sends us out as vulnerable people, as sheep among wolves. Jesus wants us to live totally dependent upon the Father. When angels see a lamb victorious in the midst of wolves, that is to the glory of God. We are to live for the glory of God.