"I never thought I would see the day a pastor would bring this pure Gospel of Christ to us."Pastor in Northern Ghana, West Africa
“Our meetings with you were a beginning of new hope. The message you have downloaded to our pastors and leaders was just on time to refocus our minds to the real Gospel, which is Jesus Christ in us, the hope of Glory.” Pastor in the Philippines
“In twenty-five years, I have never aligned myself with any ministry because I just was not confident, but not only am I aligning myself with you, but all those pastors with whom I have influence are also with you, and not only in the nation of Benin, but in Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, and Burkina Faso.” Pastor in Benin, West Africa
“I am strengthened in my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ after hearing your message. I am more encouraged to know Jesus Christ, the one that I am serving. I am seeing it is not primarily just serving Him but knowing Him.” Pastor in the Philippines
“I have been independent for 12 years, and (I) felt that you are dealing as a father to us. It is such an honor to be a part of this wonderful FAMILY (TFI). Thank you also for such wonderful messages we heard for two days. We were so blessed; it was words of God for my soul.” Pastor in the Philippines
“All of our leaders are now reading your 2 books and internalizing, studying, and making the message of Jesus as their own, and I am encouraging them all to live out the words of Jesus.” Pastor in the Philippines
“Thank you for sharing the truth in such an uncompromising way.” Ministry Leader in Croatia
“You are not preaching about the Gospel, but you (are) preaching the Gospel! Your words (are) full with love and life! These are what Europe and the World need!” Pastor in Albania


The Fellowship International (TFI) is a family/network of related churches and ministries connected by a shared vision through partnerships. Although we believe every local church should be self-governed and self-sustaining, healthy churches seek to be connected with other churches that share a common vision. Click the Join button to find out more about TFI.