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We have recently added two life-changing messages to our Resource Library, and we invite you to listen to them, coming to them with a heart open to receive what God is saying. Pastor Don is sharing about Christ as the Lamb of God. We are seeing much fruit as the hearts of Believers continue to be captured by the Truth of the Gospel as seen through this Lamb Message. God began revealing truths about Christ as the Lamb of God in 2014, and God has continued to give further revelation. In a capsule, the beginning point is that God wants all of our carnal weapons, such as defending ourselves and making selfish decisions. He wants to see in us His Lamb nature and character, which is exemplified by a life lived totally dependent on the Father/Shepherd. Jesus Christ walked the earth with the nature of a Lamb, and now for all eternity, the gentlest Man ever is seated at the right hand of God with all government and the authority of the universe resting on His shoulders, and He rules with that same Lamb nature. He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in position, but His nature is Lamb, which is the only trustable nature. Jesus conquered by persevering through suffering. God has revealed His full expression through a Lamb.

Pastors and congregants alike are finding their thinking being turned upside down (another definition for “repentance”) as they find this message penetrating their hearts. It is not a “for the other person,” but it is clearly seen as a message for “me.” It is a message that exposes and continues to expose attitudes, a message that continues to inform us as we make daily life decisions, even with the smallest choices.

To hear two messages on Christ as the Lamb of God, click on the message titles below. These messages have been recently added to our blog, “Messages From Abroad”: