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Hello, I am Don Leavell, Founder and President of The Fellowship International. I am pleased to introduce to you The Fellowship International.

The Fellowship International, or TFI, is a worldwide family/network of churches and ministries connected by a common vision and a desire to partner together to propagate (or spread) the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Lord of heaven and earth.

The foundation TFI always builds on is a Christ-centered message, which we take everywhere we go. We believe the message of the person of Christ and His finished work is God’s one Gospel, and preaching His Son is His mandate to the Church.

Desecularization of the church – (or) removing worldliness from the church – is at the forefront of our work because we believe if we are going to make an eternal difference in our world, we must preach a Christ-centered message and live a Christ-centered lifestyle.

Partnership with TFI provides a relationship that will make all of this possible. We endeavor to strengthen each member church and ministry so as to enhance its effectiveness in reaching its community and beyond.

Members have an opportunity to be further equipped and trained, where they will be fathered and pastors can be pastored.

Itinerant ministers and ministry organizations will draw from the support of this network of relationships. TFI encourages ministries to work together and to assist one another in their mission.

These leaders will have access to the expertise of fellow members, as well as, prayer partners around the world.

Through TFI there will be opportunities to participate in ongoing or short-term missionary outreaches. There will be opportunities to utilize your gifts, talents, and support services through your relationship in TFI.

Members have access to our messages and other training materials.

Apprehending this Christ-centered Gospel ignites the hearts of pastors, expanding their vision and empowering them in their ministry. As a result, God begins to build us together as He desires.

The Fellowship International offers two types of membership –– Full Partnership and Associate Partnership. Full Partnership with TFI is primarily relational and serves as a place for pastors, churches, and ministries to find: accountability, help, council, and encouragement.

Itinerant ministries, as well as, ministry organizations and networks can benefit from being connected with TFI –– drawing from the support and assistance of network relationships.

Associate Partnerships are offered to Churches and ministries currently affiliated with a denomination or network. TFI is supportive of the many other networks and denominations already in place. For this reason, we offer an Associate Partnership supplementing that relationship you may already have with a network or denomination. Associate Partners receive the same benefits as full partners in the network but without a violation of their commitment and accountability to those in authority over them.

We believe as a worldwide network of like-minded ministries preaching a Christ-centered message and living a Christ-centered lifestyle we can change the world. We can be the generation that sees the Knowledge of the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. We can be the generation that sees the Kingdom of God advance throughout the whole earth.

We hope you will prayerfully consider partnering together with The Fellowship International.

If you have further questions or would like to learn more about The Fellowship International, please see our TFI president or one of our TFI regional coordinators in your nation.  You may also contact our TFI International Headquarters at the email address provided (

May God bless you, and I am looking forward to serving Him with you.