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Welcome to The Fellowship International Blog! We are glad you have chosen to look more closely into who we are and what we do.

We invite you to follow along through our blog. This will be a place where we share with you what we see God doing in and through TFI. We will also share what we believe He is saying to us. It is our desire to give to you out of the abundance of what the Lord gives to us. He has made us all so rich in His Son that we must give to others at every opportunity out of what He has given to us.

Through our blog, we will be bringing you news of events and trips to come and reporting on these trips in the hope of keeping you updated and in prayer for the work the Lord has for us. Along with updates and reports, you will also find audio and video clips, short messages, and quotes from Pastor Don with an encouraging word to teach and lead you in walking out a Christ-centered lifestyle.