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The Fellowship International has a worldwide vision, believing we will take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation. We have not only heard within our hearts, but we have also taken hold of, made our own, the Lord’s words to Habakkuk, “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”

It is our mandate to live a Christ-centered life and to take a Christ-centered message wherever we go. Around the world, we invite and charge pastors and leaders to live and preach a Christ-centered message and to teach what that looks like. TFI has officially launched in the Philippines and in four regions of Ghana. Soon we will be launching TFI in five more regions of Ghana, as well as, the nations of Togo, Benin, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. Please be in prayer as the Lord is opening more and more doors to The Fellowship International, including in countries where there is great opposition to the Gospel. We will continue walking in what the Lord has called us to because there is no one and no thing outside of Him.

Let’s together commit to preach no other gospel and to take this message of Christ to the nations. We pray the Lord will bless you as you pursue growing in the knowledge of Christ and as you give yourself wholly to Him and walking out all He has for you. His call is great. It comes at great cost but also with great reward. Together we are stronger. Together we can change the world.